About Me

Hi! I’m Michele Marie and I’ve been a professional photographer for over 20 years. I specialize in Headshots & Portraits for personal/professional branding, family portraits and small events. Whether you’re a business professional, student, actor, or model, today your face IS your brand and it’s so important to have a headshot that tells your story.


Based in Chicago, I love to travel to different locations or destinations to capture just the right moments for individuals, families and companies. I also have a passion for story telling through social media marketing and design. I graduated from Loyola University in Chicago with an MBA specializing in marketing.


To me, having a camera in hand is as natural as breathing the air. It’s how I communicate and collaborate with people. It has also given me the opportunity in small ways to give back to the communities that I am involved in, either by donating my time to photograph an event or supporting local non-profits.


My collection of art images, “Flora, Fauna and a little Funkitude” is another side to my art. Found objects, situations and flowers are not moved or manipulated (much), but their beauty is captured in a single moment. I'll be adding more Chicago moments to the collection.


As my photography and art have developed over the years, the words I use to describe my style would be…..


Simple. Relaxed. Classic.


…and let’s…keep wandering. keep wondering. keep it a little weird.

Enjoy & Cheers!

Michele Marie


coming soon!

"coming soon!"